Music Program
Santa Cruz, California

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The "Building Rhythm" program began in  September 2010 when we conducted a pilot project serving 90 adults with developmental disabilities at three day program sites.  The following year we received a grant to bring the project to children.  We continue that program to this day.  Our partner in this endeavor became Lizz Hodgin, founder of MusicalMe Inc and Regional Director of "Music Together."  Lizz and I (Cory Ybarra), as parents of young adults with Down Syndrome, experienced the many challenges that parents of children with special needs encounter and so decided to bring the program into the schools.

"Music Together" is a program that began in 1987 and has expanded to 2500 communities in 40 countries.  It is a program utilizing the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and childhood learning.   Building Rhythm is currently serving six class sites for special needs students in Santa Cruz County on a weekly basis since our first grant.  Individuals and  small family foundations have supported this program since its inception.  We count on your continued commitment.  




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"The Building Rhythm teacher has taught us songs with and without words that allowed students of varied abilities to participate. Students who at first appeared to be just sitting have now been observed to join in with on-tone vocalization, rhythm and gestures. It is thrilling!"  ~ Vicki Nunez, Special Education Teacher. 

"Our students mark their calendars by a couple things in the week, Tuesday is swimming and Wednesday is music!  We love the program and wish there were more ways we could thank you."  ~ Tom Simkins, Special Education Teacher

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