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Founders Message

As the parent of a young adult with special needs, I had the privelege of traveling to the developing world and witnessing the conditions there. The issues remain the same worldwide, being excluded from the mainstream and discrimination. It was further exacerbated by extreme poverty and superstition. I understood their challenge and knew their spirit. Out of this, Building for Generations was born.

Our organization was founded in 2005 and received non-profit status in November 2006. The organization currently consists of a core volunteer team of ten persons and a Board of Directors. I am the mother of a young adult with special needs and have a degree from San Jose State University in Health Science. I also hold a Certificate in Development Program Management from the Monterey Institute for International Studies. I am pictured below with my son Joaquin Villarreal. Pictures below also include board members & volunteers. 


We are welcoming collaboration with other organizations and individuals to enhance our impact. Please write us at the listed address. Thank you for your support and the HAND UP! It couldn't have been done without you!!!

Building For Generations is a tax exempt social justice organization involved in local and global work with a focus on persons with special needs and their families.

Recieving the state of California recognition award


Cory Ybarra with Assemblymen Mark Stone

 Board Members​ & volunteers
Left to right: Mariela Guzman, Founder Cory Ybarra, Founder (CAT) Grace Lyimo, Danna Baldwin Moreno, Elena Sprenger Cayo, Teri Smith. Absent... Mark Rovan, Arnold Kragen.

  Left to right: Elena Sprenger Cayo, Rose Brindley, Shannon Bros-Seemann, Lee Oberg, Founder Cory Ybarra. 


  Left to right: Social Service director, Peru, Rosa Melendez Ortiz, Founder Cory Ybarra, Mayor Emilio Del Solar Salazar, BFG Board Member Danna Baldwin, Parent and Volunteer Pam Endsley.             

Photo taken in Peru.

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