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Our Current Projects

We are currently involved in a number of projects. Click below to find out more.

Your donations bring new materials and supplies to these programs

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Arusha, Tanzania

In 2008, we completed the construction of a three-classroom block and an attached auditorium on the school grounds of the Secei Elementary School. We are continuing to support improvements. The Tanzanian government has now subsidized the lunch program we started.

Chincha Baja, Peru 

June 2009, we completed the construction of a resource and rehabilitation center to serve this town and the surrounding communities devastated by the August 15, 2007, 8.0 earthquake. We are continuing to support by providing improvements and materials.

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Music Program, Santa Cruz

The "Building Rhythm" program began in  September 2010 when we conducted a pilot project serving 90 adults with developmental disabilities at three-day program sites.  The following year we received a grant to bring the project to children.  We continue that program to this day.  Our partner in this endeavor became Liz Hodgin, founder of MusicalMe Inc and Regional Director of "Music Together."  Liz and I (Cory Ybarra), as parents of young adults with Down Syndrome, experienced the many challenges that parents of children with special needs encounter and so decided to bring the program into the schools.

CAT (Connects Autism Tanzania) Youth Skills Center

In 2019 we began a partnership with CAT Youth Skills Center. This was in response to the need for graduating students with special needs to gain employment. 

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