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CAT (Connects Autism Tanzania)  

CAT works with the Ministry of Education to hold seminars, train teachers and the community about disabilities. CAT also works with the government to improve services at the community and national level. They work directly with students at CAT Youth Skills Center formed in 2016. Building for Generations partnered with CAT as a response to the need of our graduating students for employment.

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Left to right: Founder of BFG Cory Ybarra, Grace Lyimo Founder of CAT, Harvey Pressman Founder CCCF

Grace is the parent of 4 boys including Erik who is a young adult with autism. Grace is a public health nurse who has worked for Peace Corp., Cross-Cultural Solutions, and Edpowerment. She is the founder of Connect Autism Tanzania (CAT) and is an advocate for all with developmental challenges in her country. 

She is a community leader who has worked with youth in a broad sense as one of the founders of Kilimahewa Woman's and Orphans Education Center. Her organization, CAT, is currently partnered with Building for Generations in the operation of an artisan craft training center for youth in Tanzania with developmental challenges.  

 Kelvin has dyslexia, he is an excellent worker and CAT has been able to place him in an outside position doing janitorial work at a church. 

Nesarian is on the autistic spectrum. She loves to weave and cook. 

She cooks daily lunches for the attending students at CAT Youth Skills Center. 

Shamin is part of the CAT Youth Skills Center where students are learning to weave blankets, table runners and bead purses. Shamin is deaf and has cognitive challenges but she is an excellent worker.

Students are also trained in using local transportation and hygene skills. They are producing quality work and they are seeking more marketing outlets. 

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Nesarian weavingIMG-20190827-WA0000 (1).
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