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Learn more about Erik's Home and Farm in Arusha, Tanzania 

Sand Dunes
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"Give us a chance and see us perform"

These words hung in a small overcrowded

and ill-equipped classroom for special needs students in Tanzania. 

They asked for a hand up! This is where our work began in 2006.


Our Mission 

We support education projects with a focus on persons with special needs and their families. We build facilities, provide materials, raise awarness, educate and develop sustainable programs. 

Our Vision 

That the contribution of every human life is valued and that there is equal opportunity. 

Our Projects 


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In 2007 we completed the construction of a special needs unit in Tanzania. This is Naurei Special Needs Unit, and we are proud to say with the advocacy of parents in Tanzania, their government has now built 17 more units in the area. 



Our second and current project was building a resource and rehabilitation center in Chincha Baja, Peru. The Aug 2007 earthquake destroyed 58,000 homes in Peru and claimed more than 500 lives. This is the area where we chose to work. Children at "Centro Joaquin" are able to receive speech and physical/occupational therapy there. 


Music Circle20180405_190554.png

Our partnership with MusicalMeInc©. began in 2010 when we brought a hands on music program to special ed students in Santa Cruz County.  It is a program utilizing the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and childhood learning. We continue to this day.

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Learn about our partnership with Connects Autism Tanzania (CAT)

Connects Autism Tanzania 

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